Stealth Set Plus

Brand: X2O Vapes


Product Weight: 0.9 lb

Product Tags: Stealth Set Plus, Kronos Kit, Kronos Set, Epicurean Reserve

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The X2O Stealth Plus Kit is sleek, comfortable, and capable. With its self-adjusting wattage settings, up to 80 watts, the X2O Stealth Kit makes finding the perfect wattae worry free. Equipped with the mini sub-ohm tank, which also comes with a rebuild-able RTA deck for those that prefer custom builds over pre-made coils. The X2O Stealth Kit offers phenomenal flavor, simplicity, and can really throw a cloud. All in a small, discreet set up.


Here’s where the plus comes in…a free bottle of Epicurean Reserve! The Epicurean Reserve is 3mg with a random flavor in each box. As if this set couldn’t get any better it just did.


What’s in the box:

-Stealth Mod

-Mini Sub Ohm Top Fill Tank

-Micro-USB Cable

-(1) 0mg bottle of Epicurean Reserve

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