About X2O

Founded in 2013, X2O Vapes is a leading brand name in the vapor industry out of Dallas, Texas.  X2O Vapes is known for its user-friendly hardware and high quality E-liquids that merge extraordinary style and world-class quality into a unique design.


The X2O Vapes brand is proudly sold to more than 250 distributors and wholesalers. We sell a variety of products including: hardware, e-liquid and accessories in more than 40,000 retail stores. 


We are always expanding our product line with new and innovative products.  X2O Vapes branded products are sold internationally in over 20 different countries including: The United States, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, France, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Puerto Rico, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, UK, and Vietnam.


The X2O Vapes brand is also available in custom-made formulas to suit the unique needs of various customers.  The foundation of the X2O brand is built upon providing quality products at competitive prices to satisfy the needs of our customers.