Why the 60-TC is perfect for any vaper.

The 60-TC is the newest product from X2O. I have been vaping on this handy little device for about a week and a half now and I feel like I have a pretty good grip on what this mod is capable of. First off I love the size of this mod, at only 83mm in height and 22mm in width this thing is a palm sized monster at 60 watts.

 The screen display is nice and clean reading out your standard watts, ohms, volts, and battery life. It wasn’t until a few days of vaping it that I noticed a nice little feature I hadn’t seen on any variable mod before, while in power mode the screen also reads out the amps your pulling on your battery. In the current world of drippers and sub-ohm tanks where the ohms keep going lower and safety is a big concern. The best way to know if your device is safe is knowing how much stress you’re putting on your battery. That one little read out tells you everything you need to know, ok so I have a 30 amp battery and my build is pushing 17 amps while I’m firing it, awesome I’m in the safe zone. No more having to pull out your phone and punch in your numbers into an ohms law calculator, you can see it right on the screen.

Temperature control mode has been equally nice. I just picked up some of our new temp control coils and popped them into my Kronos Sub Tank and went to town. The flavor was great and the vape was nice, not to warm just the way I like it. After running about 4 tanks full of juice through it I can say I was impressed. Not a single dry hit and not once did I have to prime my coil outside of the initial fresh coil install. The one con I will say about this device is the adjustable 510 pin. Personally I like self-adjusting spring loaded 510 pins. This device has a standard threaded adjustable 510 which I know is subjective,  some people prefer standard adjustable 510 pins if they are using lower ohm builds that get hotter, potentially collapsing the spring loaded pins.

Now the threading on this device is on point, the threads on the 510 and the threads on the battery door are flawless no squeaking no seizing just solid clean threads. The battery contacts are both solid copper providing superb conductivity. The front facing USB charging port is nice, I prefer being able to leave my mod standing up while charging it instead of laying on its side to charge from the bottom. I love this little device and look forward to seeing what else is to come in the future.