An American’s experience at the Shenzhen China Vape Expo 2016

The first thing I noticed when we arrived to the trade show, is the amount of preparations that goes into the whole affair! Wow! We showed up the day before to find out where our booth was located and discovered that all the booths are actually fully built from scratch right there the day before the show starts! The exhibition hall is full of busy workers and construction equipment. You think to yourself “this can’t possibly be done by tomorrow morning”.


However, by 8:00 am the next morning the exhibition hall is in full working order. The trash and debris from the day before is nowhere to be found and every booth looks as if it had been there for weeks. Our booth was no exception! It took us no time at all to set up all of our X2O product and have the booth up and running!


The next part took me by surprise. The shear amount of people who seem to materialize out of nowhere is staggering! Vendors, customers, shop owners, wholesalers, distributors, and vape fans alike! You’re immediately on your toes going from person to person, explaining product, telling them how everything works, and having everyone try our Epicurean Reserve. It’s a great feeling. Your booth is full of smiling faces, people wanting to know every piece of information you can offer. As an American visiting the country you feel like a novelty inside your booth. People from all over the world seem to notice you’re of American descent from afar and seek you out just to speak with you and take photos.


Many people seem fascinated with American made products, they want to be your sole distributor in China. They want to sit for a while and speak with you and go over finer points of their business model and what they can do for you. Not a single person is was rude or nasty to me. They greet you with open arms and talk with you as if you are their guest instead of vice versa.


The days go by in a flash, you are so busy from start to finish that you lose all track of time. Yet you feel as if you have just started the day. Even after speaking to hundreds of people, it feels like it all just began and then before I knew it we were packing up, eager and ready to return tomorrow!


We made multiple connections with different people, we made new friends, and memories that we will never forget. All while expanding our business. Marc Anthony once said “If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life” I feel as if I finally know what he meant.