Customer Testimonial: Leane

I want to thank X2O Vapes and their vaping products that helped me quit smoking three years ago. I had gotten to the point that I no longer could smoke cigarettes. I had smoked for 27 years. I had asthma and COPD so bad that smoking cigarettes had me on home nebulizers and many admissions into the hospital. I decided to try using vape to quit. I found that the vape flavors were more enjoyable and less harsh on my throat and lungs. Within days my smokers cough went away and I was using my medications less. I was still getting my nicotine so I didn't crave a cigarette. It was very easy for me to use the vape in its place. It taste better, no stinky smell, and I spend less money. I would recommend that all smokers try vaping to quit smoking. It's well worth it.

It worked for me.