Warranty Terms & Conditions

X2O Limited Warranty Policy1: EFFECTIVE DATE: MAY 26, 2015 Limited 60-Day Warranty:

Limited 60-Day Warranty:

X2O Vapes (“X2O Vapes” or“We”) warrants to end users who are original purchasers of its e-cigaretteshardware, except for coils and consumables, that such products shall contain nodefects in materials and workmanship under normal use for thirty (60) daysafter purchase (“Warranty Period”). Weguaranty to end users who are original purchasers of the glass for re-buildableatomizers that such products shall be free from defects in materials andworkmanship for sixty (60) days after purchase (“Warranty Period”).

Definition of Consumables: Refill Cartridges, clearomizers, DisposableElectronic Cigarettes, e-liquids, and apparel.

If a physical defect arises withinthe Warranty Period as referenced above, and a claim is received from the enduser who is the original purchaser by X2O Vapes within sixty (60) days of theclose of the Warranty Period, at its option, and to the extent required by law,X2O Vapes will exchange the product with a new product or with a substantiallysimilar replacement product.

Within 30days of the close of the Limited Warranty period a Limited 60-Day Warranty claimmust be submitted with the following: the product in the original packaging and original proof of purchaseshowing that the qualifying product was purchased within the Warranty Period alongwith the limited warranty claim form found at www.x2ovapes.com to the belowaddress-

X2OVapes Warranty Claims
2861Congressman Lane, Suite 300
Dallas,Texas 75220.

Warrantyis void if:

  • Productinstructions have not been followed.
  • The product is tampered with or damaged by the user through negligence or illegal use.
  • The product has been physically abused.
  • The product is charged above a 1 amp charge rate.
  • The product is modified or altered from the original X2O design.
  • Battery failure, as applicable, is due to misuse.

No registration necessary. You are covered by thisLimited Warranty if you live in the United States. Notice to a retailer or wholesaler is notnotice to X2O Vapes of any claim. If you do not fill out the “Send It Back”form on our website before mailing your product to be evaluated for a defect,the product sent in will be discarded.

Legal Disclaimer

THIS LIMITED 60-DAY WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND REPLACESALL OTHER WARRANTIES, CONDITIONS, REPRESENTATIONS AND GUARANTEES, WHETHEREXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WHETHER BY STATUTE, AT LAW OR IN EQUITY, INCLUDING THEIMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Thislimited warranty is your exclusive warranty from X2O Vapes and represents theSOLE REMEDY available to any end user buyer of X2O Vapes products. X2O Vapes makesNO OTHER REPRESENTATIONS, CONDITIONS, GUARANTEES, OR WARRANTIES of any kindother than that stated herein. X2O WILL NOT BE LIABLE IN ANY EVENT FORCONSEQUENTIAL, PUNITIVE, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR OTHER SIMILAR DAMAGES OF ANYKIND, including PROPERTY DAMAGE, PERSONAL INJURY, OR OTHERWISE, whether anyclaim against it is based upon breach of this warranty, negligence, strictliability in tort, or for any other cause. Some jurisdictions do not allowlimitations on or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so theabove limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This limited warrantygives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which varyfrom jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The United Nations Convention on Contractsfor the Sale of International Goods shall NOT apply either to the sale of theX2O products or to this limited warranty.

[1] This Limited Warranty Policy Version 1.1applies to product currently sold. X2O Vapesreserves the right to change its Limited Warranty Policy with respect to anyfuture products that it sells across all of its brands.