Best Cigalike

Best Cigalike

How to Choose the Best Cigalike

It can be challenging to choose the best cigalike out there, especially if you are a first-time user. We at X2O Vapes are confident about our cigalikes, but of course, we still want you to be able to know just how you can weigh your options. In picking the right cigalike for you, it is important that you consider both your needs and preferences.

There are disposable cigalikes and rechargeable cigalikes. The rechargeable ones prove to be most cost-efficient in the long run, but if you want to get the taste of vaping first, it is recommended that you get disposables to start with. This will let you know whether vaping is for you or not.

Flavor and Nicotine Level

Cigalikes are also known as 2-piece electronic cigarettes, and they work pretty well in mimicking the feel of actual smoking. Moreover, there are lots and lots of flavors that you can try out with cigalikes. You will also have the option to set your nicotine levels, which means that you may eventually decide not to use nicotine at all. If your goal is to quit smoking, cigalikes can help you out.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Two of the most important features that you should look for in the best cigalike are ease of use and ease of maintenance. With our X2O Express Cigalikes, you can recharge the battery if it runs out of power, attach a new cartomizer, and enjoy vaping again!


Cigalikes have two main components: the battery and the cartomizer. The cartomizer or cartridge of a cigalike is typically pre-filled with e-liquid for your convenience. To produce vapor, the coil inside the cartomizer heats the e-liquid. You simply have to make sure that your batteries are charged and that you keep extra cartomizers, and you can have your vaping session at any time.


Certain cigalikes such as ours make use of clearomizers. Clearomizers are essentially smaller versions of ego-type tanks. What makes them different from normal cartomizers is that they can be filled with your preferred liquid. This will improve your vaping experience since you will be able to vape through a classic cigalike device while using your mixes (even your creations!). We also offer pre-filled clearomizers, which you can use if you want everything to be quick and easy.


One more thing to look for when picking the best cigalike is affordability. Cigalike kits are now becoming increasingly inexpensive. However, it’s still best to choose one that is sustainable and provides the best value for money. This means that you should look for a cigalike that makes use of affordable cartomizers.

We at X2O vapes make sure that our products are reasonably priced while remaining high-quality. We offer three variants of our Express Kit: Red, Green, and Blue. The Red variant can give you the same experience that a typical cigarette would. The Green one is as strong as a regular cigarette, and it has a menthol flavor. Meanwhile, the Blue cigalikes have lower nicotine content. Each of our Express Kit contains one battery, two cartomizers, 1 USB Chargers, and one manual in addition to the cigalike.

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