Best Nic Salt Juice

Best Nic Salt Juice

The Best Nic Salt Juice

A little lesson in chemistry will serve as a good introduction to this article. Almost everyone knows that one molecule of Sodium (Na) will combine with one molecule of Chlorine (CL) to form Sodium Chloride (NaCl) commonly called table salt. But most people do not know why NaCl is classified be a “salt”.

NaCl is a salt because it contains a positive ion (Na+) and a negative ion (CL-). Thus, NaCl is an ionic compound with two oppositely charged ions and this is the textbook definition of a salt. NaCl is not the only salt around. Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4), commonly known as Epsom salts, is used to soak your achy feet. Many more salts exist but one of most interests to smokers and “vapers” are the nicotine salts that are found naturally in tobacco, thus, producing the best nic salt juice you will ever find.

What is Freebase?

Another term used that might conjure up a negative image is the term “freebase” often associated with the use of illegal drugs like cocaine. To get a better understanding of freebase, let’s return once again to table salt. When you mix table salt with water (H2O) the result is that the Sodium will split from the Chorine and steal the Oxygen molecule and one of the two Hydrogen molecules of the water to form NaOH or sodium hydroxide. This is commonly called lye. Feeling rejected, the single Chlorine molecule and Hydrogen molecule find solace with each other and form HCl or hydrochloric acid.   

The lye is called a “base” substance and has a high Ph because of the negative OH ion. When the pure sodium is separated from the OH ion with another chemical reaction it is now “free” of the “base” and that is the origin of the term freebase. It means nothing more than “pure” in a chemical sense.

Pure or freebase nicotine, stripped of its negative ions, has been shown to be about 95% safer and less harsh than raw nicotine inhaled in a tobacco cigarette. Those are the main reasons that vaping is rapidly replacing smoking as the best way to get the nicotine fix that vapers need.

And in 2013 X2O Vapes was founded in Dallas, Texas to become a leading brand name in the growing Vaping Industry.

About X2O

X2O products are available in over 40,000 retail stores around the country and offer a complete array of devices and vaping accessories. The RUSH starter kit includes a 350 Mah Battery, two RUSH pods in Tobacco and another random flavor, and a USB Charger. Other products include the RUSH Nic salts in four flavors, Tobacco, Razzletaz, Menthol, and Mango. Their E-liquid lineup includes such flavors as fresh roasted coffee and peach cobbler.

International shipping is available to many countries including Mexico, India and the Philippines so if you are looking for the best nic salt juice as a gift for your vaping friends abroad, consider a gift of the X2O 200 D that will supply 200 watts of power. Vaper vendors will also benefit from X2O wholesale quantity sales.

X2O can be contacted by calling 1-888-597-6653 and they still have a fax number of 214-357-6655. Their email is and if you are not in the Dallas, Texas be sure to check their complete line of products sold online.

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