Blu Express Kit

Blu Express Kit

The Best Alternative to Blu Express Kit

The Blu Express Kit is a popular brand of cigalikes. While it is a promising product, some consumers may find that the cartomizer packs for this cigalike are too costly. That’s when our X2O Express Kit becomes the wiser option. Our Express Kit is high-quality, yet much more affordable. Our cartomizers are also less expensive, and using our cigalike is sustainable. X2O Express Kit has everything that you need in a cigalike at a lower price.

Our Express Kit will allow you to use your cigalike whenever and wherever conveniently. In fact, you will experience the perks of both a disposable e-cig, together with the advantages of a rechargeable cigalike. This kit has just what you need if you want to start exploring the world of vaping, or if you want a means to help you quit smoking.

The X2O Express Kit is Light and Compact

It is portable, and you can bring it with you anywhere you go. It is also easy to use, it’s as convenient as a regular cigarette. The kit comes with a USB charger, which will allow you to reuse your cigalike. To recharge the device, all you have to do is to connect the cigalike to the USB charger and plug it into a USB port.

When the clearomizer runs empty, you can refill it with your preferred e-liquid or replace it with a new, prefilled cartomizer. We also offer a lot of different e-liquids that you can use with your X2O Express Kit – from tobacco flavored ones to fruity juices.

The Advantage to Choosing Our X2O Express Kit Over the Blu Express Kit

With our kit, you will experience the same conveniences without having to spend as much. Yes, our rechargeable cigalikes cost more than disposable options. However, they are much more long-lasting and are more cost-efficient in the long run. They are also extremely affordable.

Our X2O Express kit has all the essential stuff that would get you started on vaping. It includes one battery (280 mAh), 1 USB charger, two cartomizers, and one manual. Each prefilled cartomizer can last as long as one carton of cigarettes would. Our cartomizers are available in 5 flavors: tobacco, menthol, peach, strawberry, and vanilla custard. You can choose your preferred flavor as well as the nicotine level as your order.

The X2O Express kit is a durable product that you can enjoy as long as you want to. Keep the battery charged and always have spare new cartridges on hand so you can vape anytime, anywhere. Alternatively, you may also want to simply buy an e-liquid or perhaps create your mixture to be able to save even more money. At X2O Vapes, we offer e-liquids in various exciting flavors.

Our Express Kit Comes in Three Different Types

There’s the Red kit, which feels and tastes like a regular cigarette; the Green Kit, which is also just like a standard cigarette but is mentholated; and then there is the Blue Kit, which contains less nicotine. You can choose from 100s and 118s bundles and enjoy bigger savings.

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