Cigalike – The Anatomy and Experience

X20 Vapes offers a variety of cigalikes for you to select from. These are excellent e-cigarette option for beginners. Its shape makes them convenient and straightforward to use as they feel and look like a real cigarette. They are small, lightweight and bear the design elements of the real one – from the filter to the LED tip that seemingly burns when triggered.

During the onset of electronic cigarettes, many of the devices used were cigalikes. The manufacturers were of the belief that smokers will exchange their real cigarettes to electronic if the latter has the familiar feel and look. Studies revealed they were right.

These days, there are bigger and differently shaped e-cigs, but cigalike is still the top choice among casual vapers. There is not a vast difference between the two about functionality. But cigalikes are made of cartomizer (a hybrid of or cartridge and atomizer) and battery whereas e-cigarettes feature clearomizers.

Understanding Its Anatomy

Cigalikes used to have battery, atomizer, and cartridge, which users fill with e-liquid. Once the switch s turned on, the atomizer heats up and converts the juice into vapor. While the principle was simple, the design proved to be complicated for some.

The three-piece design proved to be a little bit too much for the others as there were complaints of leaks while refilling or using the device. This lead to the evolution of cigalike. These days, cartomizer now houses the atomizer and cartridge in a plastic or metal casing. It can also hold more amount of e-liquid.

On the lower end of the device is a metal threading that is connected to the battery. The top part, meanwhile, features a rubber or plastic cap containing a tiny hole in the middle. This is where the vapor is sucked out.

This change has given users better vaping experience. It has also proven to be a practical and very much affordable option.

Enjoying Cigalike

Once you inhale with the cigalike in your mouth, a sensor prompts the cartomizer to heat a small amount of liquid. This will then produce a vapor via the central hole in the cartridge.

If you are a heavy user, the battery can only last a few hours. But if you use it sparingly, then it should continue for a couple of days. Light is found at the end of the battery when users inhale not only to mimic a real cigarette but also indicate that the device is working.

The same light signals that battery is charged. When the light flashes but then goes out, it is an indication that it requires charging.

If you are thinking about switching to vaping or are interested in trying cigalike, we have a selection of products to choose from. Browse through this site to see which one picks your interest. You can call us up at 1-888-597-6653 or send us a message at should you need assistance or have inquiries about our products. For your benefit and convenience, we both have return and warranty policies.

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