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For all things relating to an e-cigarette, iVape is one of the leading brands. We offer this product at X2O Vapes for your pleasure and convenience.  We have a line of vape kits, vaping mods, coils, tanks, accessories, and e-liquids to cater to all users. Whether you are a beginner or have been using e-cigs for years, the brand has you covered.

What’s in a Starter Kit

iVape carries a starter kit that will jumpstart the journey of the user to e-cigarette vaping. It comes with a 15 mL e-liquid to fill the cartridge included in the package. As a start, all it takes is just ten drops of the liquid. Let it sit for about five minutes before starting.

Two 78mm batteries, which are sealed automatics, are included. Each has a 320mAh battery life so you can have more usage time. This takes about 3 to 4 hours to charge fully.

An easy to use USB charger will ensure your battery is always ready. All you have to do is to place the battery in the charger, then have the unit plugged in any available USB slot. This means you can conveniently make use of it anytime, anywhere.

Five refillable cartridges complete the set. This is where you place the e-liquid. Fill it in just as instructed after which can twist it into the battery. Users can then begin their vaping experience.

How the Device Works

As mentioned, the cartridge is where the liquid is placed. Once it is attached to the battery, the user can then inhale on the e-cig. This will bring out the liquid from its reservoir, which is soaked up by the aromatic polyimide wick.

There is simultaneous heating of the coil located around the wick that also heats up the liquid. The liquid turns into vapor, which is pulled out of the mouthpiece.

The sucking motion of the user is essential in getting the liquid out. This is the same action done when using a tobacco cigarette. So, the experience is still there for the vape users.

Handling Safety and Risks

You must remember that the e-liquid still contains nicotine, which has a high level of toxicity. As you know, it is toxic to our bodies, and it is highly addictive. So make sure to keep your e-cig away from children and pets because their under-developed system makes the chemical substances very dangerous; if possible, you only vape away from the prying eyes of impressionable kids.

With that said, e-cigarettes are still much safer than cigarettes, which contain more than 4,000 other toxic chemicals that vapes. Public Health England, for instance, declared that e-cigs are 95 percent less harmful compared to your everyday tobacco product.

If you are thinking of shifting to e-cigarettes, contact X2O Vapes today. We can hook you up with the right device and e-liquid that is suitable for your own needs. We also carry different flavors to enhance the experience. Our knowledgeable and accommodating workers are on standby to answer all your questions.

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