Nic Salt Devices

Nic Salt Devices

Quit Smoking with Nic Salt Devices from X2O Vapes

If you are looking for the right place that offers nic salt devices because you want to quit from smoking, we do have the best at X2O Vapes. We are a brand name that is leading in the industry of vapor at Dallas, Texas since 2013. We are known for our unique designs of hardware that is user-friendly and E-liquids that are of high quality. We merged them with styles that are extraordinary thereby making them the products with first-rate quality.

Our brand is proud to have been sold to over 250 wholesalers and distributors. We vend different products in over 40,000 stores in retail including e-liquid, accessories, and hardware.

More about Us

At X2O Vapes, we always expand our line of products with the latest and innovated ones. We have these branded products which are internationally sold in more than 20 varied countries that include The United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Columbia, Japan, China, France, Chile, Malaysia, Norway, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Philippines, South Korea, Sweden, South Africa, Taiwan, Vietnam, and UK.

Our brand is also made accessible in formulas which are custom-made in order to suit the individual needs of our different consumers. X2O Vapes’ foundation is crafted upon satisfying our customers’ diverse needs by providing them products with quality at prices that are competitive.

On Information about Shipping

We make use of the UPS solution for shipping and the Postal Service of the United States in delivering our clients’ orders to make it cost-effective and timely. We have also built a system that is designed to automatically process what you order and collect your payment so you can receive your products as fast as it can.

Before at X2O, we only provided delivery within 3 to 5 days through FedEx, but owing to a greater demand and the call for providing our consumers' options for faster shipping, the following methods are now offered by us:

  • UPS Ground
  • UPS Air for 2nd Day
  • UPS Air for Next Day
  • USPS Priority Mail

For customers who have PO boxes, you have to opt for regular mail as your chosen method of shipping since X2O has not set up yet with UPS for delivering to a PO Box. All shipments of UPS require that you sign when we deliver and that you present us an ID that is valid as proof that you are above 18 years old. This is to ensure that if you are a minor, you cannot use any of our e-cigarette products.

About X2O’s Return Policy

If you have bought the product directly from us, you must return it to us within 30 days starting from its date of sale. If you wish to get a full refund, you must return the product with its original packaging and your address of mailing to X2O in your original proof of purchase also within 30 days. A return must be in its original packaging, wrapped in cellophane, unused, and unopened.  

To Get in Touch

If you have more questions regarding our Return Policy and the kinds of nic salt devices that we offer, call us at 1.888.597.6653 or visit our office at X2O Vapes 2861 Congressman Ln, Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75220.

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