Rev Gts Mod

Rev Gts Mod

Rev GTS Mod: A Safety Guide

After getting used to vaping, users will navigate their way around the vaporizer. This will then lead to the discovery of the type of functionality that you are looking for from the device. This search usually ushers to a shift from e-cigarettes to a more advanced system like Rev GTS mod.

Mod, which is from the word modified, are bulkier in size but takes the vaping experience to a whole different level. It offers many forms of advancement such as a bigger battery that can last longer and a more powerful way to heat the e-liquid. Also, it also has bigger tank capacity that allows more e-liquid in its container.

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Safety Guide for Mod

Like any device, knowing how to ensure safety when using Rev GTS mod or any other mod is necessary. There are potential risks involved if the device is used incorrectly. The battery may fail in case there is over tightening of the end caps.

An over discharge because of accidental pressing of the firing button for too long is also a possibility. This can cause the battery to overheat and probably burst. It is, therefore, essential to follow some safety tips.

Get good batteries

The battery is usually the point of contention when it comes to mod safety. It is the most important thing that will keep your device running. Buying good batteries will ensure they are in perfect condition to get you through vaping.

Don’t overcharge or undercharge the batteries

Check your batteries’ volts to avoid overcharging or undercharging them. It is worthy to note the mod’s temperature when in use as well. If there’s a part that is heating up, this should be attended to right away or it can cause serious issues.

Check the firing button

Make sure that there is a lock for the device’s firing button. Not locking them means your device is continuously firing even when not in use. This is another potential cause of danger.

Get to know your amp

Knowing what the amperage draws on the battery with the resistance of the coil is necessary. It will be useless to use a battery rated for 15 amps in case you are drawing 22 amps. Doing this will again make sure your batteries are in their best working condition. Remember, safety issue will crop up if you pull too many amps from the battery.

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